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What are your bonnets made from?

Most of our bonnets are made with Organic Cotton. Sourcing Organic fabric is important for protecting honeybees as pesticides are the biggest reason for their decline. Bees are very attracted to cotton crops and the use of the pesticides in the conventional cotton industry are a major concern for bee populations. By using organic fabrics we are not supporting the use of these harmful chemicals and are protecting ourselves from their dangers as well.

The Forget-Me-Not Collection is made from fabric that is either vintage, re purposed, or thrifted. While the fabrics may not be organic, we are still not supporting the pesticide industry by using fabric that has already been purchased or used by someone else. This also helps the environment by keeping fabric, which is slow to decompose, out of landfills and giving it a new purpose. The Bonnets from this line are typically lower cost so they are a great option for the budget minded mama.

What size should I choose?

The sizes are based off average head circumference so the most accurate way to ensure proper fit is to measure your child's head circumference around their forehead just above their ears. Then choose the size that will fit best.

  • XS: Newborn / Up to 15.5in
  • S: 0-6 Months / Up to 17in
  • M: 6-12 Months / Up to 18in
  • L: 12-24 Months / Up to 19in
  • XL: 2T-4T / Up to 20in 

**Age suggestion is based off average head circumference for that each age. For the most accurate fit measure your child's head circumference around forehead just above ears.

How do I wash my bonnets?

Your bonnets may be machine washed on gentle or hand washed with warm water and a  mild detergent. Please hang to dry and iron as needed.