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Honeybee Bonnets was born out of a desire to create something with my hands to get my family and I closer to owning land. We dream of the jersey cow, the roaming chickens, and the honeybees buzzing about. It just made sense to do something that I love to help us towards our goal.

I am Justine, wife to the most amazing man and mama to 4 beautiful blessings. I love Jesus. I am usually rocking the mom bun. I drink a lot of milk and eat a lot of butter. I REALLY want a cow. I eat a bite of chocolate every day. I want a big family. And I love honeybees!!

 Our way of living depends on these honeybees so Honeybee Bonnets gives a portion of each sale to Beyond Pesticides. They are raising awareness, performing research studies, and petitioning the government to help give the bees a fighting chance at surviving. 

I am very passionate about being an eco-friendly company. From the fabric to the packaging, I work hard to uphold the standards of Honeybee Bonnets so that I can be a friend to bees instead of contributing to the problem.

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